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Key info

  • You must apply for approval to take a shot-firing course before you get a shot-firing permit.
  • You must give your consent for WorkSafe Tasmania to do a National Police check on your behalf as part of the application process.
  • You must apply at a service centre.
    Find a Service Centreshot firing courseApply for approval to undertake a shot-firing course at your nearest Service Tasmania service centreWorkSafe Tasmania Logo

    About applying for approval to do a shot-firing course

    You must apply for approval to do a shot-firing course before you can apply for a shot-firing permit from WorkSafe Tasmania.

    In your application you must nominate which type of shot firing category you will be applying for.

    Categories include:

    • Underground (Category 1 - tunnelling or underground/undersea mining)
    • Surface (Category 2 - involved in above-ground quarrying, road construction and open-cut mining)
    • Structural (Category 3 - building construction, building demolition, civil engineering)
    • Pyrotechnical (Category 4 - firing fireworks in fireworks displays)
    • Special Events (Category 5 - firing cannon or similar ordnance at tourism venues or historical re-enactments or musical or theatrical performances)
    • Agrarian (Category 6 - land clearing or other agricultural or forestry operations)
    • Exploratory (Category 7 - geological exploration or seismological, paleontological or other scientific research or experimentation)
    • Special Operations (Category 8 - shot-firing not covered by any other category).

    How to apply

    What you need to apply

    You must visit a service centre and:

    • provide a completed application form (PDF, 970KB)
    • provide any supporting documents you may like to include
    • pay a fee.

    Can I apply?

    You can apply if you:

    • are 18 or older
    • have a legitimate need for the permit
    • are a fit and proper person as determined by a National Police Record Check (you must give consent to this check on your application form).

    Proving your identity

    You do not need to prove your identity.

    How much it costs


    Application for approval to undertake a shot-firing course


    Application for shot-firing permit


    Application for renewal of shot-firing permit


    Fee for late application for renewal of shot-firing permit


    Application for recognition of interstate shot-firing authority


    Fees and charges last updated 1 July, 2022.

    Payment options

    Service CentreCash IconCheque IconMoney Order IconDebit and EFTPOS IconVisa LogoMasterCard Logo

    More Information

    Please visit WorkSafe Tasmania for more information on applying for approval to undertake a shot-firing course.