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Key info

  • If you make, import or supply certain items of plant you must register the plant design.
  • It is an offence to use a plant that is not design registered if it is required.
  • Plant registration is valid for an unlimited time.
  • You must apply at a service centre.
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    About applying for a plant design registration

    Makers, importers or suppliers must not supply items of plant that have not had the design registered. For a full list of the plant designs that must be registered, please visit WorkSafe Tasmania.

    You must also register the design of any plant that has an alteration that may affect its safe operation.

    You do not need to register a plant design if the alteration is:

    • registered by another state or territory under a corresponding work health and safety law
    • for a tower crane or gantry crane, if:
      • the crane is relocated for use in a different workplace
      • the design of the supporting structure/foundations of the crane is altered according to a site-specific design prepared for the safe operation of the crane at the new location
      • the design of the crane is not altered in any way.

    How to apply

    What you need to apply

    You must:

    • provide a completed application form (PDF, 1.2MB)
    • provide the plant design drawings, please do not make them larger than A3 paper size
    • pay a fee.

    Can I apply?

    Anyone running a business that manages or controls an item of plant can apply.

    The plant designer and a plant verifier must also complete sections of the form.

    Proving your identity

    You do not need to prove your identity.

    How much it costs

    Plant RegistrationFee

    Application for registration of design of item of plant


    Application for registration of item of plant


    Application for renewal of registration of item of plant


    Application for replacing plant registration document


    Fees and charges last updated 1 July, 2022.

    Payment options

    Service CentreCash IconCheque IconMoney Order IconDebit and EFTPOS IconVisa LogoMasterCard Logo

    More Information

    Please visit WorkSafe Tasmania for more information on applying for a plant design registration.