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Key info

  • A retention licence is an optional licence between the exploration and mining stages. It gives you tenure over the land before progressing to a mining licence.
  • You must be 18 or over to apply.
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    About applying for a retention licence

    Retention licences can be granted for the following mineral categories:

    • Category 1 - metallic minerals and atomic substances
    • Category 2 - coal, peat, lignite, and oil shale
    • Category 3 - construction minerals including stone, clay and sand
    • Category 4 - petroleum products except oil shale
    • Category 5 - industrial minerals, precious and semi-precious stones
    • Category 6 - geothermal substances.

    How to apply

    If you are applying by email or post, you must call (03) 6165 4800 first to pay the fee.

    Service CentreEmailPost
    Find your nearest Service Centreinfo@mrt.tas.gov.auPO Box 672
    Burnie, TAS 7320

    You can also apply in-person at the MRT Burnie or Hobart Office.

    What you need to apply

    You must:

    • submit a completed application form (PDF, 277KB)
    • provide proof of identity
    • pay the licence fee.

    You must also submit supporting documents with your application, this includes:

    • a plan showing the application area
    • a geological report, acceptable to the Minister as per instructions on the application
    • a feasibility statement as per instructions on the application.

    Can I apply?

    You must be 18 or over.

    Proving your identity

    For individuals you must provide a photocopy of your:

    • driver licence, or
    • passport.

    For a company you must provide a photocopy of:

    • a certificate of incorporation, or
    • an Australian Companies Number (ACN) and list of directors or office holders.

    How much it costs


    Mining lease


    Mining lease renewal


    Retention licence


    Exploration licence


    Prospecting licence


    Fees and charges last updated 1 July, 2022.

    Payment options

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    Service Centre or MRT officesCash IconCheque IconMoney Order IconDebit and EFTPOS IconVisa LogoMasterCard Logo

    More Information

    Please visit Mineral Resources Tasmania for more information on applying for a retention licence.