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 nullApplying online takes about 15 minutes.

Key info

  • You will receive a change of name certificate when you register your change of name with Births, Deaths and Marriages.
  • You only need to apply if you need a replacement, or if you are applying for someone else's change of name certificate.
  • A change of name certificate is valid for all legal and official purposes, including proof of identity.
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    About applying for a change of name certificate

    You can only apply for a certificate for a change of name registered with Births, Deaths and Marriages Tasmania.

    How to apply

    OnlineService CentrePost
    Births, Deaths and MarriagesFind your nearest Service CentreRegistry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
    30 Gordons Hill Road

    Priority service

    A priority service is available online and at some service centres.


    Approved applications can be issued the same day by registered or express post.

    Service centre

    If you lodge a priority application at one of the following service centres, it can be printed onsite, ready for you to collect.

    • Burnie
    • Devonport
    • Hobart
    • Huonville
    • Launceston
    • Scottsdale
    • Sorell

    Certificates can be printed on-site within 2 hours once the application is submitted.

    You must collect your certificate with your identification and receipt.

    What you need to apply

    You must have the following:

    • change of name details
    • personal and contact information
    • proof of identity documents
    • documents showing your permission to apply (PDF, 416KB) for the change of name certificate. If you are not the person on the certificate, Births, Deaths and Marriages may contact you for further proof of relationship.
    • additional documents that apply to the executor of estate, administrator or trustee or power of attorney (if applicable)
    • payment for the fee.

    If you are applying by post or at a service centre, you must complete a change of name certificate application (PDF, 473KB).

    Can I apply?

    The change of name must be registered in Tasmania.

    You can apply for your own change of name certificate. Other people who can apply include:

    • a child's parent
    • a person's child (proof of the relationship must be provided)
    • a child's legal guardian (non-parent guardians must provide proof)
    • the person's current partner (proof of the relationship must be provided, such as a marriage or significant relationship certificate)
    • an executor of their estate, administrator or trustee - proof of authority must be provided
    • someone with written authority or power of attorney - proof of authority (PDF, 416KB) must be provided.

    Please note that only the registered person or parents of the registered person (if they are under 16 years) can apply unless the registered person is dead or unable to apply.

    Proving your identity

    There are 3 ways you can prove your identity:

    • online (documents marked with an asterisk (*) can be verified by our online document verification service)
    • by showing your original identity documents at a service centre
    • by sending certified copies of your identity documents by post.

    You must provide one of these combinations of current documents:

    • One document from category 1, 2 and 3
    • Two documents from category 2 and one from category 1 or 3
    • Two documents from category 3 and one from category 1 or 2.

    At least one document must show your current address.

    • *An Australian birth certificate
    • *Citizenship certificate
    • Immicard
    • New Zealand citizenship certificate together with passport
    • New Zealand birth certificate.

    • *Australian driver licence
    • *Australian passport
    • Firearms licence
    • Foreign passport
    • Proof of age card.

    • *Medicare card
    • *Australian marriage certificate (issued from Births Deaths and Marriages office)
    • Centrelink or Department of Veteran Affairs card
    • Security/crowd control licence
    • Tertiary education institution ID card
    • Credit card/bank statement
    • Recent utility account with current residential address (issued within last 3 months)
    • Lease or rent agreement with current address
    • Australian Taxation Office assessment with current address.

    If you have changed your name please provide proof from the list below of each name change. This is so we can link your current name to the name recorded on the birth record.

    • Adoption paper issued by court
    • Divorce paper issued by court, indicating the name being reverted to
    • Change of name registration from Australia or overseas issuing authority
    • Guardianship order
    • Relationship certificate (not required if registered in Tasmania)
    • Marriage certificate from Australia or overseas issuing authority (not required if registered in Tasmania).

    • If you submit a printed online bank, superannuation or utility statement, they must be:
      • on official company letterhead, or
      • stamped and approved by the bank, superannuation or utility company.
    • Financial statements, utility accounts, rates notices or superannuation fund statements must have been issued with the last 12 months.

    • If you live overseas, you can provide overseas' equivalents to Australian identity documents, such as a foreign driver licence.
    • Documents that are not written in English must be accompanied by a translation from a national accredited translation authority.

    How much it costs

    Type of certificateDescriptionCost

    Standard certificate

    Fee for an official birth, death, marriage, change of name or relationship certificate.


    Priority Service (posted)

    This service ensures that an approved and completed application is processed and issued within 24 hours.


    Priority Service (same day collection)

    This service ensures that an approved and completed application is processed within two hours (in service centre opening hours). This service is only available at the Hobart, Sorell, Launceston, Devonport, Burnie, Scottsdale and Huonville service centres.


    Decorative birth certificate

    You cannot use a decorative certificate for official purposes, such as proof of identity.


    Standard birth and decorative package

    A standard birth certificate and a decorative birth certificate.


    Extended search

    A standard certificate application includes a 5 year search. There is an extra fee ($18.70) for every additional 5 years searched.


    Medical certificate of cause of death (post 1970 deaths only)

    A certified copy of the original medical certificate showing cause of death only.


    Postage costs

    There are additional costs that apply for certificate postage.

    Postage TypeCost

    Express Post (within Australia)


    International Registered Postage


    International Standard Air Mail


    Fees and charges last updated 1 July, 2022.

    Payment options

    OnlineVisa LogoMasterCard Logo
    Service CentreCash IconCheque IconMoney Order IconDebit and EFTPOS IconVisa LogoMasterCard Logo
    PostCheque IconMoney Order IconVisa LogoMasterCard Logo

    Please note: Personal cheques are not accepted for the priority service

    More Information

    • If your name change was registered before November 2000, you will receive a deed poll change of name certificate.

    Please visit Births, Deaths and Marriages for more information on applying for a change of name certificate.