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 nullDepositing online takes about 5 minutes.

Key info

  • You can put up to $100 a day into a prisoner's private money account.
  • Deposits can be made online, at a service centre or at the prison visitor reception centre. Cheques and money orders can also be sent by post.
  • Deposits made online are delivered electronically the next business day. The prison then puts the money into the prisoner's account.
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About depositing money into a prisoner's account

You can put money into the private money accounts of prisoners at:

  • Launceston Reception Prison
  • Hobart Reception Prison
  • Risdon Prison Complex
  • Ron Barwick Minimum Security
  • Mary Hutchinson Women's Prison.

This money can be used to pay for things such as toiletries, phone calls and other approved purchases. The balance cannot exceed $300 at any time. Cash and other forms of currency are not accepted in the prison.

How to deposit

What you need to deposit

Depositing online

You must register through the Secure Payment Services website and provide:

  • your full name
  • residential address
  • contact details
  • proof of identity documents, and
  • set up a password.

Once Secure Payment Services confirm that the name and address on your proof of identity documents matches the name and address provided on your account, they will email you a security code which you need to make the deposit.

Depositing at a service centre

You must:

  • bring proof of identity documents
  • complete a payment slip (provided at the service centre), and
  • pay the amount you wish to deposit.

Depositing at the prison (visitor reception centre or by post)

Please contact the Tasmania Prison Service if you would like more details on depositing money by post or at a visitor reception centre.

Can I make a deposit?

Anyone can put money into a prisoner's account.

Proving your identity

Depositing online

As part of your registration with Secure Payment Services you must provide 2 forms of identification that show your name and address. Photographed or scanned copies are accepted.

These documents must be provided by email to support@unilink-software.com.au and can include:

  • a copy of your driver licence (front and back)
  • a utility bill
  • a concession card, or
  • a payslip.

Depositing at a service centre

There are 2 ways to prove your identity at a service centre:

1. Your Tasmanian driver licence or personal information card

You can show your Tasmania driver licence or personal information card.
If it has expired, you also need to provide a piece of identification from the list below.

2. Provide identity documents

If you don't have a Tasmanian driver licence or personal information card you must show 3 of the following identity documents. At least one must contain your full name and address.

  • Bank card
  • Medicare card
  • Pensioner's concession card
  • Utility bill.

How much it costs

If depositing online

Fees will apply when making a deposit online.

If depositing at a service centre

There is no cost to make a deposit at a service centre.

Payment options

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Service CentreCash IconCheque IconMoney Order IconDebit and EFTPOS IconVisa LogoMasterCard Logo

More Information

Please visit the Tasmanian Prison Service for more information on depositing money into a prisoner's account.