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Key info:

  • You need to complete an application form (PDF, 91KB) and application coversheet (PDF, 82KB) and bring them to a service centre.
  • Once the forms have been lodged, the Tribunal will register the document and send copies for you, your enduring guardian and your family doctor.
  • Your enduring guardianship appointment will only come into effect when you lose the capacity to make decisions about your own care.
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About appointing an enduring guardian

An enduring guardian is someone you choose to make lifestyle, health and medical decisions for you, if and when you are not capable of doing it for yourself.

They act as a substitute decision maker and may make decisions such as where you will live, what services you receive at home and what medical treatment you should receive.

An enduring guardianship appointment comes into effect if or when you lose capacity and will only be effective during the period of incapacity.

You can cancel or change the conditions of an enduring guardianship at any time, as long as you have the capacity to do so.

How to appoint

What you need to appoint

You must provide:

  • a completed application form (PDF, 91KB) including
    • your personal details
    • the personal details of your elected guardian(s)
    • any conditions you would like implemented on your guardian
    • two witnesses over the age of 18, who are not related to you or your nominated guardian(s)
    • the signature of your nominated guardian(s)
  • a completed enduring guardian coversheet (PDF, 82KB)
  • payment.

Can I appoint?

To apply you must be 18 or over.

Your nominated enduring guardian must also be 18 or over. They must not be anyone you pay for accommodation, health care or services to support your daily living activities.

Proving your identity

You do not need to prove your identity.

How much it costs

Type of serviceDescriptionCost

Standard registration of an enduring guardianship

Fee for an official enduring guardianship application


Registration of revocation of an enduring guardianship

Fee for registering a cancellation of an enduring guardianship


Fees and charges last updated 1 July, 2022.

Payment options

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More Information

  • An enduring guardian cannot make decisions about your finances or your estate. This is the role of an enduring power of attorney.
  • Most Australian states and territories recognise a Tasmanian enduring guardianship.
  • Your enduring guardian does not need to report to anyone or ask approval for their decisions, unless you stated this in your appointment. However, if someone believes your guardian is not acting in your best interests, they can make an application to the Tribunal to review the appointment.
  • We strongly recommend that you call the Tribunal on 1800 657 500 before completing an application form.

Please visit the Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal for more information on appointing an enduring guardian.