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Key info

  • You will be sent a renewal notice about 2 months before your licence expires.
  • You must bring this renewal notice, your current firearms licence, and supporting evidence to a service centre.
  • You must have a genuine reason to continue to use a firearm.
  • If you do not have a valid licence you must surrender your firearm.
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About renewing a firearms licence

You must apply for a renewal when your licence expires.

Your licence will still be valid if you apply within 14 days after the expiry date, and you meet all the application requirements.

If you do not renew

If you do not apply for renewal before midnight on the 14th day after expiry you must:

How to renew

What you need to renew

When you visit the service centre you must:

  • bring your yellow renewal form 
  • provide your current firearms licence card
  • provide supporting evidence (proof) of genuine reason
  • pay the fee
  • have your photo taken.

Can I renew?

You can renew a firearms licence if:

  • you have received your yellow renewal form in the post
  • your licence has not expired by more than 14 days
  • you can show evidence that you have a genuine reason for owning or using a firearm.

Proving your identity

There are 2 ways to prove your identity:

1. Provide your firearms licence

You can show your current firearms licence.

2. Provide identity documents

You must show documents amounting to 100 points when applying. These documents must be originals (not photocopies or certified copies)

You can only show one of these

  • Passport (70 points)
  • Citizenship certificate (70 points)
  • Birth certificate (70 points).

  • Licence issued under law - a driver licence or current gun licence (40 points)
  • Employment ID - card issued by employer with your name and address only (35 points)
  • Employment ID - card issued by employer with your name only (25 points)
  • Letter from employer within last 2 years confirming name and address (35 points)
  • Rates notice (35 points)
  • Credit or debit cards/passbooks - only one allowed per institution (25 points)
  • Medicare card (25 points)
  • Membership card - club, union, trade or professional bodies (25 points)
  • Membership card - educational institution (25 points).

If you arrived in Australia less than 6 weeks ago, your passport is worth 100 points.

How much it costs

Application typeCostConcession

Categories A, B and H licence - 5 years



Categories A, B and H licence - 3 years



Category C licence - 5 years



Category C licence - 3 years



Category C licence - 12 months or less



Category D licence



Dealers licence or renewal



Museum licence or renewal



Heirlooms licence or renewal



Replacement licence



You do not pay GST on firearms applications.

Fees and charges last updated 1 July, 2022.

Payment options

Service CentreCash IconCheque IconMoney Order IconDebit and EFTPOS IconVisa LogoMasterCard Logo

American Express (AMEX) payments are no longer accepted at service centres.

More Information

Please visit Firearms Services for more information on renewing a firearms licence.