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 nullPaying online takes about 10 minutes.

Key info

  • You can pay the bond once the owner or agent has completed the lodgement in MyBond. You will receive a notification when this has happened.
  • The owner or agent will need your tenant ID to lodge the bond. You get a tenant ID when you register as a tenant on the MyBond portal.
  • You can pay a bond as one amount, or each tenant can contribute an amount. This is called a bond contribution.
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About paying a rental bond

A bond (sometimes called a security deposit) is a payment which protects the owner from any financial loss if a tenant does:

  • something the lease does not allow, or
  • not do something the lease states they should do.

A bond cannot be more than 4 weeks' rent and it cannot be increased during the tenancy.

You must pay a bond before you can rent a property. The money will be held until the end of the lease and then you or the property owner can claim it back.

How to pay

OnlineService CentreIn person
Consumer, Building and Occupational ServicesFind your nearest Service CentreContact your real estate agent

What you need to pay

If you are paying online you must:

  • log in to the MyBond portal, or
  • use the payment reference number to access the MyBond portal, and
  • pay the bond amount with a Visa or Mastercard.

If you are paying at a service centre, you must:

  • provide your bond number or bond barcode
  • pay the bond amount.

Can I pay?

There are no restrictions on who can pay a bond.

Proving your identity

You do not need to prove your identity.

How much it costs

The property owner or real estate agent will tell you how much bond you must pay.

Payment options

OnlineVisa LogoMasterCard Logo
Service CentreCash IconDebit and EFTPOS IconVisa LogoMasterCard Logo

More Information

Please visit MyBond for more information on paying a rental bond.