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Key info

  • The first home owner grant is available to eligible applicants as a one-off payment for the purchase or construction of a newly built home.
  • The current grant of $30,000 is available until 1 July 2023.
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    About applying for the first home owner grant

    You can apply for a first home owner grant no later than 12 months after the date of your certificate of occupancy or settlement.

    How to apply

    What you need to apply

    You must have:

    Can I apply?

    You must provide proof that you have, or will complete, an eligible transaction.

    An eligible transaction is:

    • a contract to buy your home, or
    • completion of building milestones (if you are the owner builder).

    Please visit the State Revenue Office for the full eligibility criteria.

    Proving your identity

    Each applicant must provide one document from each of the 4 categories below. The same document cannot be used for more than one category.

    You must provide certified copies of the original documents.

    If you are an Australian Citizen

    Please provide one of the following:

    • an Australian birth certificate issued by the registry of Births, Deaths and marriages
    • an Australian passport
    • a citizenship certificate.

    If you are a New Zealand Citizen

    Please provide a current passport. You must also be living in Australia when you apply for the first home owner grant.

    If you are a citizen from another country

    Please provide a:

    • current passport, and
    • permanent residency certificate or visa.

    At least one applicant must have permanent residence or citizenship of Australia.

    Please provide one of the following:

    • a current Australian driver licence
    • a current Australian passport
    • a current Firearms licence
    • TAS photo identification, including Australian Government, Tasmanian Government or local government employees.

    Please provide one of the following:

    • Medicare card
    • motor vehicle registration
    • Centrelink or Department of Veterans Affairs card
    • debit or credit card (from a bank, credit union or building society).

    Please provide one of the following:

    • a document showing your residential address (a bill for electricity, gas, telephone or water)
    • an insurance policy with your current residential address
    • a statement of account from your bank, credit union or building society.

    Proof of a change of name is required if the name on any of the documents presented is different to the name of the applicant (e.g. marriage certificate, change of name certificate or deed poll).

    How much it costs

    There is no cost associated with this service.

    Payment options

    There is no payment required for this service.

    More Information

    • If your circumstances change once your application is lodged, you must notify the state revenue office within 14 days.

    Please visit the State Revenue Office for more information on applying for the first home owners grant.