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Key info

  • PTAS provides financial help with travel and/or accommodation costs to help Tasmanian residents get medical services.
  • This is an assistance scheme only - you must pay some money towards the costs.
  • The amount of help you get is determined by the distance, type of travel and accommodation you need.
  • You can only receive assistance for interstate treatment if it is unavailable in Tasmania.
    Please visitbutton_linkPlease visit the Department of Health for more information on applying for the PTASTasmanian Government - Department of Health Logo

    About applying for the Patient Travel Assistance Scheme

    You can receive financial help for travel and/or accommodation to get medical services if you must travel more than a certain distance from where you normally live.

    Your specialist will need to fill out part of your application to explain what treatment you need and why you must travel to get it.

    The Patient Transport Assistance Scheme will pay:

    • towards the cost of return economy bus tickets or petrol for private vehicle travel to and from the medical facility. The scheme provides 21 cents per kilometre for petrol.
    • if you live on King Island or the Furneaux Islands, the scheme will cover the cost of a return economy airfare (island resident rates). They will also pay for the most economical and appropriate form of transport from the airport to and from the medical facility.
    • if you need accommodation, the scheme will pay a defined maximum amount per night for each approved person.

    How to apply

    What you need to apply

    You must have a completed application form (PDF, 499KB) with:

    • your personal details
    • part of your application form completed by your specialist
    • your bank details (if you need a refund)
    • details of your travel.

      Can I apply?

      Whether you can apply depends on the medical treatment and the distance you need to travel. For example you can apply for assistance if you need to travel more than:

      • 50 kilometres (one way) to the nearest oncology or dialysis treatment centre
      • 75 kilometres (one way) to the nearest appropriate specialist medical service
      • 75 kilometres (one way) to access lymphoedema treatment.

      You must also:

      • be a Tasmanian permanent resident (you will need to provide proof of your Tasmanian address)
      • be travelling by the least expensive form of transport
      • have an application form signed by your referring medical specialist, oral/maxillofacial surgeon or rural GP. They must refer you to the nearest appropriate specialist.
      • be receiving treatment claimable under Medicare from a recognised medical specialist, and
      • not be entitled to financial assistance through another scheme, such as:
        • Motor Accident Insurance Board (MAIB)
        • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)
        • Workers Compensation, or other compensable schemes.

      Proving your identity

      You do not need to prove your identity.

      How much it costs

      You must pay some of your travel and accommodation costs. For the full breakdown of PTAS costs, please see the Department of Health.

      Payment options

      There is no payment required for this service.

      More Information

      Please visit the Department of Health for more information on the Patient Travel Assistance Scheme.