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Key info

  • The companion card is photo ID which identifies you as a person with disability who needs support from a carer.
  • There are eligibility criteria for companion cards.
  • Applications must be submitted by post and include 2 high-quality, passport-sized photos of yourself.
  • There is no cost for a companion card.
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    About applying, renewing or replacing a companion card

    The Tasmanian companion card entitles eligible people with lifelong disability to a free ticket for a companion carer at participating venues and events.

    You simply need to present the card when buying a ticket or paying an entry fee at participating venues and events, and you will receive a free ticket for your companion carer.

    Renew your companion card

    The expiry date is printed on the card. After this period, you need to renew.

    The renewal period is based on the:

    • life expectancy (wear and tear) of the card
    • need for photos to accurately reflect your appearance, and
    • potential for change in your support needs.

    Replace your companion card

    You can request a replacement card if:

    • you lose your card
    • your card is stolen or damaged
    • you change your name, or
    • your photo needs to be updated.

    How to apply, renew or replace

    Companion Card Applications
    Department of Premier and Cabinet
    GPO Box 65
    Hobart, TAS, 7001

    What you need to apply, renew or replace

    If you want to:

    Apply for a card

    Please see the eligibility criteria to check if you qualify for a companion card.

    If you apply you must:

    • complete a companion card cardholder application form
    • provide 2 high-quality, passport-sized photos of yourself. Photos should not be more than 6 months old
    • have your application form and photos signed by the relevant health professional or service provider as outlined in the application form
    • send the completed application form, signed photos and copies of any recent reports or assessments supporting your application to:

      Companion Card Applications
      Department of Premier and Cabinet
      GPO Box 65
      Hobart TAS 7001

    Application forms are also available from any service centre, or you can call 1800 009 501 to have a form sent to you.

    Renew a card

    To renew your card please call the Companion Card Program on 1800 009 501.

    Replace a card

    To ask for a replacement card please call the Companion Card Program on 1800 009 501 or email companion.card@dpac.tas.gov.au.

    Can I apply, renew or replace?

    You must be able to show that:

    • you have a significant, permanent disability
    • due to the impact of your disability, you are unable to participate at most community venues and events without a companion carer
    • you have a lifelong need for this level of support, and
    • you live in Tasmania.

    For full information please visit the companion card website.

    Proving your identity

    You do not need to prove your identity.

    How much it costs

    There is no cost associated with this service.

    Payment options

    There is no payment required for this service.

    More Information

    • If you are unable to sign the applicant declaration and authorisation, you can ask someone to sign on your behalf. This may be a legal guardian, enduring power of attorney or unpaid carer.
    • As part of the assessment process the people involved in your application may be contacted to confirm the information provided. This can sometimes take several weeks, particularly if further information is needed from service providers or health professionals.

    Please visit Tasmanian Government companion card for more information on applying for a companion card.